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5 Reasons why Modi & Amit Shah chose Venkaiah Naidu for Vice President post of India

venkaiah Naidu nominated as BJP Candidate for Vice president
Image Source : Millennium Post

After the presidential election, BJP has Nominated  Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu name as the candidate for the Vice Presidential post from NDA side. While announcing the name of Naidu for vice president post, party president Amit Shah said that BJP’s allies agree on Naidu’s name. Let’s know those five reasons, which makes Naidu the first choice of the party president Amit Shah & Narendra Modi.  

South India credentials of Venkaiah Naidu

As Congress nominated Gopal Krishna Gandhi the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi as their Vice president post candidate. When the reason asked from Congress over choosing Gandhi they said Gopal Krishna is from the south and southern parties like DMK may support Gopal Gandhi on this. To counter this strategy of Congress, BJP appointed a person like Naidu who is a bigger political figure of the south.

To make balance in North & South

The NDA candidate for President come from north India, particularly from UP. Against to him, Congress selected Meera Kumar who is also from Bihar north. The chances of Kovind to win the election is quite high and if Venkaiah also wins the Vice president battle the BJP would largely be successful in creating balance.

BJP Wants to extend its footprint to South India

Naidu is perhaps the only leader who, despite being a South Indian, worked hard on learning Hindi and then delivered speeches in the rallies of North India. Naidu has a good rapport with south India’s local leader and regional parties of South. BJP would like to in cash it. Naidu has good relations with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, whose party TDP is already a part of the NDA.If Chandrababu Naidu could make some deal with TRS then TRS may also become part of NDA alliance.& it is exactly what BJP wants in South India to do.

Long Parlimenterian experience of Venkaiyah Naidu

Venkaiah is happened to be a 4-time member of lower house of the parliament ( Rajya Sabha ) In 1998, he became the Rajya Sabha MP from Karnataka. Then he was sent from Karnataka to the Rajya Sabha in 2004 and 2010. In 2016, he became the Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan. From 2014 to 2016, Naidu was handling Parliamentary Affairs Minister. In the upper house, he has 19 years of experience.

The Biju Janata Dal, AIADMK, Telugu Desam Party and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, all these four parties are currently in power in their respective states, which have a solid presence in the Rajya Sabha. Naidu has good relations with all these four parties of leaders.  While being Vice-President, Naidu’s direct responsibility will be to run the Rajya Sabha, & let house clear important bill which is of National importance, where the BJP does not have a majority.

Naidu is an RSS foot soldiers & very close to PM Modi

Naidu is in politics since 1972. He went under MISA law. Linked to union Become a member of ABVP. In BJP  Naidu has taken many important positions such as the spokesperson, the senior vice president, and the president. He was also a  minister in the Atal government and now till the nomination, he was handling IB & Urban development ministry where he was looking after complete smart City project which was the dream project of PM Modi. He is a firm believer of RSS ideology and due to his hard work in the cabinet, he has very repo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It will be a challenge for Narendra Modi to fill the shoes of a senior minister like Venkaiah Naidu in Cabinet.