Arnab Comes with a Bang exposes Lalu Prashad Yadav on his 1st show on Republic

    Arnab Backs with Republic Exposes Lalu Prashad
    Image Source : Republic news

    The news sensation Arnab Goswami is back with the bang exposes Lalu Prashad Yadav in his 1st show of Republic news channel which he has started today on 6th of May 2017.

    In the expose, he made a startling revelation against RJD supremo Lalu Prashad Yadav and Bahubali politician of Bihar MD. Shahabuddin.  Where he revealed the taped conversation between Shahabuddin and Lalu, where Shahabuddin was instructing Lalu Prashad on the situation of law on order and threatening of Riot from the inside of the Jail.

    Today was the first Tv appearance of Arnab new channel Republic. On his first show, only Arnab shocked the entire political spectrum. After the expose the Sushil Modi BJP chief of Bihar asked the explanation from the Nitish Kumar on this matter.

    Twitter seem to be delighted with the return of darling of twitter trend.


    It is to note the Arnab has resigned from Times now on 18 of Nov. and within 100 days he started his own venture and people are supporting him ferociously.

    We at give our best wishes to Republic and his team, hope he would more expose and bring real news to masses.