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Elite Para Commandos of Indian Army Crossed the PoK. 3 Militant Camps Targeted

Elite para commando team from Indian Army, crossed the LOC yesterday and carried out massive surgical strike, Killed 20 militant from PAK terrorist camp.

Elite Force of India Killed 20 Pak Militant
Image Source : en.wikipedia.org

Exclusive news coming from across the border, that elite para commandos of Indian Army has crossed the border last night, and destroyed  at least 3 militant camp, they killed  more than 20 Militant/ Pak Ranger ( Not confirmed), and more then 200 injured in cross firing. Companies of 2 and 9 Para Special Forces conducted ops. Today morning landed back to parent location after successful operation.

Reports also suggesting that, Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, himself was  monitoring the operation last night till 12:30.

As a result of this act by Indian army, Pakistan has to cancelled flights to northern Pakistani cities, including to Gilgit and Skardu in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, due to “air space restrictions”.

PIA spokesperson tweeted this information on Tuesday evening

On Tuesday night ahead of his speech at the UN, pakistan Prime Minster Nawaz Shari called Gen Rahil Sharif. It is  to understand that they likely to have discussed this cross-border raid as well.

earlier today, Indian defence minister Manohar Parikar said,” Some time “knee-jerk” reaction is required. Will Not disclose what India can do but but Naredra Modi’s statement over Uri attack will not remain mere statement.

Though this news is denied by Indian Army, which is obvious as it was covert operation.

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