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Five people who led the Indian delegation in Khulbhusan Jadhav case in ICJ

Harish Salve and team representing Indian delegation in ICJ
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Yesterday the initial hearing was done by an international court of justice on Khulbhushan Jadhav case. Where India presented a tough case against Pakistan on the basis of article 36 of Vienna convention. India has also raised the issue of denial of counselor access to Khulbhushan Jadav by Pak govt. All over India is praising the Indian foreign ministry for quick and effective steps taken by them. Let us see who are involved by Indian govt. to represent Indian point in an International court of Justice.

1Harish salve

A prominent Indian lawyer and previous solicitor general of India Harish salve are one of the best names in Indian judiciary system. He is the highest paid lawyer in India, he has fought many tough and big cases in India like Salman khan case, Mukesh Ambani’s Krishna basin case, Vodafone tax case, Italy marine commando case. He is fighting Kulbhushan Yadav case in 1 rupees only.

2Deepak Mittal

Deepak Mittal joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1998 and has since served in Bangladesh, Egypt, and Israel in various capacities and as Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. At Headquarters, he has handled work related to countries in the neighborhood and also served in the Prime Minister’s Office (2014-2016). He took over as Joint Secretary (CPV) in September 2016. He is a fluent speaker of Arabic, English, Hindi and Punjabi languages. He is married and has a son and a daughter. Source 

3VD sharma

VD Sharma  has been promoted as Joint Secretary (Legal & Treaties) in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Now looking after Khulbushan Yadav case with MEA and harish salve team.

4Kajal Bhat

Kajal Bhat is  First Secretary (Legal Office) and a former ambassador from India the Netherlands (Advisor). She is handling the khulbhushan jadav case very precisely and effectively.

5Chetna N Rai

Chetna is a junior counsel from the Indian side,  She was assisting Harish salve in legal matters to block Pakistans argument.

Though Indian delegation has presented their argument very perfectly, the decision would take 2 weeks at least. We hope justice would prevail in Internation court of justice.