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If you can’t accept Narendra modi as ” Father of India ” you are not an Indian: Jitendra Singh

If you can't accept Narendra modi as

Narendra Modi’d US visit is hit by another controversy, as in a Indo- US press meet, Donald trump called PM modi a father of India, In his complete statement he quotes ” Few years ago India was torn apart in different pieces, Naredra modi has bring every one together, like a father so we can call him as father of India”

You can hear out the full statement below

This statement made by trump has coused a huge controversy back home in India, where opposition party are saying that there is only one father of Nation and that is “Mahatama Gandhi ” and also claiming its us ( Indian) will decide who should we call as father of Nation not a head of states of US.

Congress leader Alka lamba used very strong words and said who can’t become the husband to someone how can he become the father of India.

On the other MOS Jitendra Singh has said If you not proud of what Donald trump has said ( Modi is father of India ) then you are not an Indian.

To this statement AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has replied : I reject Jitendra Singh’s statement. He has demeaned the people who rallied around Mahatma Gandhi. Is he suggesting that whatever Donald Trump says we should accept it as word of God? US President praised the Pakistan PM also. Should we should accept that too?

Owaisi has earlier also criticized trump statement saying he is playing dirty game by playing with both India – Pakistan together.

Whether to call Modi ji a father of India or not we leave this to our readers, but we are sure our father of Nation is ” Mahatama Gandhi ji ” and we are also sure that Narendra modi is doing great in building India’s reputation to out side world.