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Bad News Dhinchak Pooja’s fan now Katappa Killed her video !!

Dhinchak Puja's Earning and Video Songs
Image Source : DNA India

Dhinchak Pooja who has become the sensation of social media for his unusual voice quality and lyrics. Due to the copyright claim made by someone called Kattapa her all videos has been taken down by Google’s youtube. Though our sources could not confirm that Google has removed this video or someone has hacked their account.

With songs like Selfi maine le li aaj and mera schooter, she becomes tha youtube sensation within little time.It became viral so much that 1.8 million people subscribed to it. One of the songs of Dhinkach Puja, ‘Selfie ,’ had received more than 30 million views. This song was widely criticized on social media for being viral. And the people have made a lot of fun of this song. While singing a ‘scooter’ complaint was also filed with Delhi Traffic Police against Dhininka Pooja for driving without a helmet.

The news in the social media is that videos have been removed from the puja account due to the copyright complaint by person called Katappa . There is no information about whether she will upload the video again or not. However, this news has come as a jot for Dhinchak Puja’s fan club.

Dhinchak Pooja's Video got deleted
Image Source : Youtube